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Whether you're seeking an employment opportunity in the U.S. or you hope to transition to living in the country permanently, a green card is essential. This document allows you to work and live in the U.S. legally. The Law Offices of Joy E Rothenberger can assist you with the process of applying for and obtaining a green card in Tampa or Pembroke Pines, FL. As a green card lawyer, I know how to take an efficient approach to this process and guide my clients with care.

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Helping clients with all kinds of situations

Helping clients with all kinds of situations

Do you already have your green card? Are you having trouble applying? I'm here to help you. You can turn to me for assistance with:

  • Renewing a green card
  • Applying for a green card
  • Understanding green card requirements

I'm glad to help with the application process, if you're eligible, and see it through to the end. Meet with me today about getting your green card.