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Work with an American citizenship lawyer in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale or Pembroke Pines, FL

Citizenship is an accomplishment that opens many doors. With the increased stability that permanent citizenship brings, you can have peace of mind and an easier walk through your life. If you'd like to seek an American citizenship lawyer in Tampa or Pembroke Pines, FL, The Law Offices of Joy E Rothenberger can represent you. I'm proud to help clients through this process and contribute to creating a better tomorrow for those in my community.

Ask about your options for American citizenship today.

Providing attentive service when you need it

Providing attentive service when you need it

Do you need help with obtaining citizenship? If you decide to work with me when seeking citizenship, I'll:

  • Help you determine your eligibility
  • Work with you to create a plan forward
  • Ensure you understand all requirements for citizenship

Additionally, I'm glad to represent you as legal matters arise throughout this process. Call a citizenship lawyer at 954-450-1213 now to speak to me about getting started.