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There are two results in deportation hearings: If you win, you get to stay in the United States; if you lose, you will be ordered to leave the United States. If you have been given a notice to appear before an immigration judge, you should call an experienced immigration lawyer right away. You should not try to handle these court proceedings alone. Removal proceedings areextremely serious and can become a life altering event.

Whether you are a lawful permanent resident or a visitor who overstayed past the date permitted, The Law Office of Joy E. Rothenberger, LLC, will be there to help you or your family throughout the entire process. As your attorney, I will be the advocate for your needs and for your side of the story.

Although there are many reasons why a person can be deported, there are also many ways to fight or defend against deportation. I will kindly guide you through the process. I will work to protect you, and I will work to keep your family together and in the Unites States.

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Ways to Fight Deportation

Some reasons why people are placed in removal proceedings include:overstaying past the date permitted on the I-94 admission card, committing criminal acts, criminal conviction, and entering the United States by fraudulent means, (fake passport). Whatever the reasonyou or a loved one is facing deportation, there may be ways to fight it. Some ways I have helped previous clients avoid deportation include:

  • Waiver of deportation — Some people qualify for a waiver of deportation, but there are several factors that must be considered to determine eligibility. Together, we will discuss these factors and whether any apply to your situation.
  • Asylum application — The Asylum application is filed for several different forms of relief from deportation
  • The most common use of theAsylumapplication is based on, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, and membership in a particular social group. The others forms are "withholding" and "protection under The Convention Against Torture," but again, there are specific requirements that must be met to qualify for this protection. Only a grant of your Asylum will lead to lawful permanent residency status, however, you may stay in the US and obtain employment authorization if withholding" or "protection under The Convention Against Torture" is granted.
  • Dismissal of deportation proceedings — There are times when a deportation proceeding is improperly sought by DHS. When this is proven to the immigration judge the deportation will be dismissed.

Help With The Appeals Process: Working Your Case Through The Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

If the immigration judge has ordered you remove to your native country, all is not lost. You have an opportunity to appeal the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals and if necessary, to the Circuit Court of Appeals in your appellate juridcition. Hiring a lawyer to for the appeal process is crucial. A lawyer will help you identify the legal reasons why you should not be deported, thereby improving your chances of defeating deportation and remaining in the United States.

I am dedicated to help you and your loved ones stay in the United States. Call my office in Pembroke Pines to discuss how I can help make the immigration process less stressful and to help you achieve your goal of staying in the United States.

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